BB Cream = Beauty Balm

It's not for nothing that Alex Cosmetic's BB Cream stands for Beauty Balm. A cosmetic high-tech product where the art is to harmoniously combine a large number of high-quality ingredients in such a way that many positive active properties are created. The result is an even, radiant complexion. New German also called Glow.



Natural look
despite high coverage

The rich, creamy composition of Alex Cosmetic BB Creams results in high coverage. In this way, blemishes and pimples can be optimally concealed and irritated, irritated skin calmed. Our BB Creams have recently become increasingly popular as a make-up pad or make-up replacement. And men use the BB Cream locally, for example when shaving.



Strong protection
without chemical filters

Taking the centuries-old recipe of zinc ointment as a model, Alex Cosmetic BB Creams offer physical protection against UV radiation [analogous to a white T-shirt], negative environmental influences and extreme climatic conditions and do without chemical UV filters. Good protection also means slowing down the skin aging process.








minimize pores, wrinkles & lines

Due to the consistency, BB Creams reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Pores are visibly minimized. Skin-lightening ingredients make the complexion appear more even. A light skin tone and a uniform face color signal youthfulness.







Exquisite ingredients are the origin of top quality

We use the highest quality raw materials in our BB Creams, some of them organic. Exquisite oils (eg soy, argan, almond, broccoli, olives, wheat germ, jojoba) provide moisture and make the skin supple. Zinc & Titanium protect the skin from UV; Resveratrol and coenzyme Q10 as antioxidants against negative environmental influences. A variety of nourishing and nourishing active ingredients [ceramides, shea butter, bisabolol], natural brighteners and vitamins [A, C & E] complement the diversity of Alex Cosmetic BB Creams.



Find the right BB Cream for YOUR skin type


The CLASSIC for young skin - in 3 shades


BB Cream [Nude, Medium, Dark]

The special product for impure and irritated skin, problem skin and combination skin. This BB Cream normalizes skin functions and consistently covers redness and pimples. Especially oily & mixed skins rave about the matting effect. Mix 2 shades to match your skin tone 100%.

The Anti-Ager Beauty Balms

Royal BB Cream

Nutritious, regenerating and moisturizing. Regulates skin tone, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Offers protection from the sun and negative environmental influences. The alternative to make-up with an anti-aging effect.



Imperial BB Cream

The latest BB Cream from our company with exquisite oils and the Powerpack Resveratrol and Coenzyme Q10. Color-based on the BB Cream [Medium Tone]. The Imperial BB Cream convinces with its delicate consistency for velvety skin and an even complexion!


 Porcelain Glow Balm

VC-IP (innovative vitamin C derivative) combined with brightening active powder instantly corrects the appearance of local skin imperfections and enlarged pores, providing strong coverage and UVA + UVB protection. When used regularly, the active ingredient complex with selected vitamins shows revitalizing, anti-aging properties and gives your skin an even, light skin tone. For porcelain skin with a youthful radiance and elegant glow!

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BB Cream application tips

Since all of our BB Creams are very productive, you only need a small amount. Dab the cream into the skin instead of rubbing it in. If desired, you can simply mix 2 BB Creams together to optimally match your skin tone. The layering effect offers additional protection for your skin, just apply a little more in one place. For optimal care, we recommend applying a serum or fluid beforehand - keyword step care. Women like to use our BB Creams as a make-up pad or as a make-up replacement. Men like to apply the BB Cream locally to cover pimples or razor burn. Even with severely irritated and irritated skin, the BB Cream can be applied to calm you down.