The beauty routine "step care" improves the appearance of the skin

Visiting a beautician should be an important part of optimizing your skin appearance. But even at home, you can already care for your skin and optimize its quality with a very simple routine - step care.

Professional cosmetics differ in the active ingredients used and corresponding targeted mode of action for different skin types & skin problems. That's why it's so essential that the cosmetic products you use build on each other, the active ingredients can be combined with each other and still respond to your individual skin condition.

The Alex Cosmetic step care consists of 5 simple care steps. At the beginning, you cleanse your skin. If necessary, you can open them with a peeling. Then you tonisate your skin and restore the balance of the acid mantle. Last but not least, you provide your skin with active ingredients tailored to your skin condition and protect it from negative environmental influences and sun. For a healthy & naturally beautiful complexion.