C peel

Treatment Goals


  • Activates skin’s metabolism and detoxification by increasing circulation
  • Improves microcirculation - supplying skin with oxygen and nutrients
  • Stimulates germination and growth of new skin cells
  • Promotes skin’s own collagen production
  • Shows overall improvement in skin quality: skin tone, structure and firmness
  • Smoothes wrinkles
  • Reduces and smoothes scars
  • Reduces efflorescences and impurities
  • Significant peeling of the upper epidermis





     Acne, Impure Skin
    Acne, Scars


    Acne, Scars





    Anti-aging, Wrinkles





    Corrective Peel The 5-Day Peel Process
    An Example

    For the peel process to be at it speak over the weekend, we recommend conducting the C-Peel on a Wednesday



    Care products for your client to use at home, specially created to optimally nourish and protect the skin

    • Refreshing the skin and application of the skin specific care products can be used as often as needed during the 5 day process
    • Inform Your Client of the following:
      • Never mechanically remove peeling skin – the skin should peel off on its own
      • Use only the skin specific home care products through the course of the entire peel process until the follow-up treatment
      • Do not wash the treated skin, only refresh the skin with HERBAL SUPER LOTION


    The Peel Process up to the Follow-up Treatment

    At the Institute At Home
    Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

    The C-Peel is performed by a certified skin care specialist. The skin will have a light red color after the treatment.

    The client receives 3 specially designed herbs2peel products  as home care.

    The client applies care products at home.

    Skin redness has subsided.

    The client can go about their daily activites.

    The first signs of peeling begin to appear.

    The client continues to use home care products.


    At Home   At the Institute
    Day 4 Day 5 Day 6

    The skin continues to peel.

    We recommend to stay home on this day.

    The client continues to use solely the home care products.

    The peel process is virtually complete.

    Some fragments of peeled skin may still be visible on particular areas– these will be removed during the follow-up treatment.

    The new skin is revealed.

    The client continues to use home care products.

    The client comes back to the institute for pre-scheduled follow-up treatment.

    The peel process is usually concluded at this  point.

    The skin is now very receptive. It will be supplied with nutritive, regenerative products.

    The client can resume their usual activities.

    The client can continue to use their skin care products.


    Recommended care after the Follow-up Treatment


    • Protection is the number-one priority-even after the Follow-up Treatment
      • That‘s why were commend applying SUN CARE CREAM SPF 25 as regular protection for at least 4 weeks
    • If the client‘s skin should appear to react sensitively during the Follow-up Treatment, they should continue to use there commened home care products (HERBAL SUPER LOTION + VITAMIN CREAM orCLEAR CREAM + BB CREAM)
    • If the skin should not show any sensitivity during the Follow-up Treatment, you can recommend specific products according to their skin type to incorporate into their regimen
      • Individual customized care from Alex Cosmetic, offers professional skincare to cater to every skin type and need