We handle your skin responsibly. We take care of the environment just as appreciatively. As a family-run company, we want to preserve our planet and preserve its beauty for future generations. For every Alex Cosmetic sales product purchased in Germany, we therefore arrange the planting of a tree in Africa.

Why Trees For Future


Why trees

How do trees protect the climate?

Our commitment to Trees for the Future is much more than planting trees. Trees are changing the country. And trees change life. Our cosmetic products contain the best of plants. By planting a tree for every product you purchase, you bring the best to people.

Trees filter CO2 from the air with their leaves and store it in the wood during growth. Photosynthesis release fresh oxygen into the atmosphere. The faster a tree grows, the more intensively it contributes to the stability of our climate.



Why Africa

How do trees support biodiversity?

What do trees bring to African families?

The plants for our products grow in many countries of the world and improve the climate with their growth. Trees near the equator filter superfluous carbon dioxide from the atmosphere most effectively and convert it into oxygen. And there, the positive impact on the local economy and ecology is greatest. Alex Cosmetic's products are available in over 30 countries around the world, and we want to contribute to global well-being.


Farmers plant a protective wall of trees around their land to stop erosion and pests. 12 fast-growing tree species are planted in the protection zone, which feed entire families. Plant diversity and insect wealth arise, the forest garden offers food and shelter for many animals. We believe in the power of plants.

Planting, caring for and preserving your own forest changes the lives of African families forever. Trees for the Future trains people to become farmers in the Forest Garden Program who pass on their knowledge to neighbors and their children. Families have an income, generate crops and build a future for themselves and future generations.