Alex Cosmetic

Body Massager


Body massager made of stainless steel and rubberized handy handle for a relaxing or activating massage of the body

A regular massage with the body massager complements your body care/skin care and supports you in naturally improving your body silhouette and your well-being. The body massager with 4 massage knobs is suitable for selective and large-area use on the entire body. Ideal for neck, back, shoulders, legs and problem areas such as: upper arms, thighs, waist and buttocks. The body massager provides a local deep massage as you move it in circles over your body or along the muscle fascia. The blood circulation and detoxification of the massaged areas is promoted, tension in the muscles and adhesions in the connective tissue are relieved. The result is relaxed muscles and, in the case of problem areas, a firm and smooth skin structure.


For an additional freshness kick, place the body massager in the refrigerator for approx. 2 hours before use. Cooling can also relieve pain, swelling and sore muscles. To relieve tension, promote blood circulation or improve the absorption and effectiveness of pre-applied ALEX COSMETIC BODY products, simply place the body massager in hot water for about 10 minutes. You determine the intensity of the massage by applying pressure.

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