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Cool Lava Massage Stone


Obsidian Gua Sha Massage Stone for Face & Body

Gua Sha has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM] for centuries and shows a promising effect on the health of the skin. The Cool Lava Massage Stone stimulates blood circulation and stimulates the metabolic processes in the skin. Toxins [toxins], slag, acid is conducted out of the body. At the same time, the stone cools and relaxes facial muscles. Expression lines appear flatter, puffiness is minimized by the massage. As a result, the skin appears slightly plumped, rosy with a naturally beautiful complexion.

The Gua Sha Cool Lava Massage Stone is refined and polished by hand from a natural stone of black lava [obsidian]. Each stone is unique and may vary slightly in shape, size and coloring from the image shown.


Clean hands and face thoroughly and apply a rich serum or oil. As with the Cool Lava Skin Roller, the motto is always from the inside out towards the lymph. The short side with the notch nestles perfectly on the bone areas [eyes & chin] for massaging the facial contours. You can use the smooth side for the remaining parts. Can also be used for body massages, your neck and throat will thank you for it. Start with light pressure and increase it if necessary. Clean with lukewarm water after use. Build the 5-10 minute massage into your daily beauty routine for a lasting improvement in skin texture. For an even better effect → keep it cool [fridge] and use the morning massage as a wake-up call.


Black Obsidian

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