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Cool Lava Skin Roller


The perfect complement to activating skincare

Regular massage with the COOL LAVA SKIN ROLLER complements your skincare routine and helps you improve your skin's appearance naturally. The roller has two stones of different sizes - the larger one is suitable for the forehead, cheeks, jaw and neck, the slightly smaller stone is especially good for the eye area. The massage stimulates the lymphatic system and removes toxins, stimulates collagen production and visibly minimizes puffiness and small wrinkles. After just a few moments, you will feel your stress level drop and your facial muscles relax. If products have been previously applied to the skin, the Skin Roller allows them to be better absorbed by the skin. The stone feels pleasantly cool on the skin, which causes the pores to contract and the skin texture to appear finer and more delicate after the treatment. The result is a firm, rosy, healthy skin with a natural glow. The Skin Roller is suitable for all skin types - except for impure skin. For blemished skin, a beauty roller makes no sense, even has a negative effect, as the impurities spread and pimples cannot be removed professionally.

Since obsidian is a natural stone made of black lava, each roller is unique and may differ slightly from the image shown in terms of coloring & grain.

Thoroughly cleanse the hands and face [line: WASH]. Either beforehand or in combination with activating skin care [e.g. serums, active ingredient ampoules, oils] from Alex Cosmetic, roll in with light pressure. The basic rule is always to roll with the lymphatic drainage. In the area of the neck and below the ears, roll in the direction of the collar bone; on the face, roll from the inside out. Clean with lukewarm water after use. Build the 5-10 minute massage into your daily beauty routine for a lasting improvement in skin texture. For an even better effect → keep it cool [refrigerator] and use the morning massage as a wake-up call.


Black Obsidian

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