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SOS (Stop On Spot Gel)


Immediate help gel for pimples

Special gel with salicylic acid to effectively minimize skin blemishes, pimples and mosquito bites. The right addition to every medicine cabinet. The Stop on Spot Gel is very effective, but should be used up quickly as the consistency changes the more often the product comes into contact with air.


  • ZINC an important mineral to aid in skin healing, works as anti-inflammatory, regulates oil secretion and aids in cell turnover to help clear up skin
  • SULFER healing mineral and keratolytic agent- helping clarify the skin, eliminate excess oil, heal blemishes and minimize pores
  • White clay (KAOLIN) aids in detoxifying and regenerating the skin. 
  • PANTHENOL easily absorbed into the skin, Pro-Vitamin B5 hydrates, reduces itching and inflammation and accelerates wound healing
  • SALICYLIC ACID helps eliminate surface epidermal cells and open pores, reducing blockage and breakouts. Helps break down comedones and promote the skin in expelling waste matter held inside the follicles. Relieves inflammation and redness
  • CAMPHOR relieves skin irritation, inflammation, itching and discomfort

TIP: The perfect go-to product for every medicine cabinet.


    All skin types. For use on acne breakouts- comedones, mosquito bites, etc.


    For local use. Dab the applicator with a small drop of gel onto the affected area and allow to absorb. Cover with a BB cream if necessary.



    Allows inflammation and weeping wounds to heal quickly and has an astringent, antiseptic, sebum-regulating and drying effect. Particularly helpful for oily and impure skin.


    Absorbs fat and in this way ensures an even complexion without shine and improves skin imperfections. Is well tolerated by allergy sufferers and people with skin diseases.


    It is a vitamin B precursor, which is involved in the skin's metabolic processes and has moisturizing, regenerating, wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effects. Skin elasticity is improved, redness disappears quickly and itching is reliably reduced.


    Effective ingredient in treating pimples, blackheads and acne. Has an anti-dandruff effect and gently removes dead skin cells. It also inhibits the formation of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms on the skin.


    The oil from the leaves has a strengthening and antibacterial effect on connective tissue. It promotes blood circulation, is anti-inflammatory and has a wound-healing effect. It helps with acne, for example.


    Isopropyl Alcohol, Aqua [Water], Zinc Oxide [Ci 77947], Sulfur, Kaolin , Panthenol , Salicylic Acid , Camphor , Hydroxyethylcellulose, Ci 77491


    Retail:  10ml Bottle

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