Anti-aging treatment


ØCleanse the skin with LILY HYDRA CLEANSING MILK

ØMix one teaspoon of ENZYME PEELING with lukewarm water into a paste consistency and apply a thin layer with a brush

ØTo let ENZYME PEELING’s enzymatic action unfold, use a steam treatment or a warm towel compress and allow enzymes to penetrate and activate into the skin for 10 minutes. Then massage gently into skin using circular movements. Rinse with lukewarm water or a warm compress


ØRefresh the skin with LILY HYDRA TONIC 


ØApply a few drops of FIRMING AMPOULE. Afterwards massage together with ELIXIR for 15 minutes.

ØApply thin layer of HYDRATING LEAVE-ON MASK and follow with NUTRI-SEAL BEAUTY MASK on top with an applicator brush

ØEffectively tighten and lift facial contours by wrapping the face in a gauze wrap. Leave on for 15- 20 minutes and remove by rolling from the neck up

ØRefresh the skin and remove any remaining traces of mask with LILY HYDRA TONIC

ØBecause the skin has already been penetrated with the prior essential moisture, there is no need to apply additional moisturizer to the face. Apply a small amount of EXTREME EYE CREAM to care for the eye area

ØFinish with BB CREAM according to skin type








Lily Hydra Cleansing Milk

Enzyme Peeling

Lily Hydra Tonic

Firming Ampoule


Hydrating Leave-On Mask

Beauty Mask Extreme Eye Cream

BB Cream according to skin type

Home Care

Lily Hydra Cleansing Milk

Nourishing Exfoliator

Lily Hydra Tonic

Absolute Hyaluron Essence


Firming Ampoule Treatment

High Performance Mask

Extreme Eye Cream

BB Cream according to skin type